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Black Sealers behind forthcoming Cthulhu supplement

Chaosium announces Secrets of Kenya, A 1920s Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook written and illustrated by regular Black Seal contributor, David Conyers.
Secrets of Kenya

Secrets of Kenya


New Cthulhu Mythos fiction from Black Seal Writer

The Black Seal's prolific Australian contingent, David Conyers, has several Cthulhu Mythos tales appearing in fiction anthologies scheduled for release in early 2006. These stories will be found in Hardboiled Cthulhu from Elder Sign Press, Cthulhu Express by Rage Machine, and The King in Yellow by Atlantean Press.

Earlier this year David's espionage and government conspiracy Mythos tale, "False Containment", was published in Horrors Beyond.
Further details can be found at David's website.

Black Seal Writer Writes for White Wolf

Sealer Wood Ingham (TBS#3 & 4) has recently been writing his heart out for White Wolf. Here's a list of the books his material will be appearing in. Make sure you check them out when they're published.
(For Vampire)
Bloodlines: the Legendary (one chapter)
(For Werewolf)
Shadows of the UK
(For Mage)
Legacies: the Sublime (two chapters and opening fiction)
Reign of the Exarchs (a campaign book - one of the scenarios)
Tome of the Mysteries (the chapter on morality, sundry bits and bobs)
Secrets of the Ruined Temple (more bits and bobs)

Ben Counter Interviewed

Leadership10.com have interviewed Black Seal writer Ben Counter about his Warhammer 40,000 fiction and other stuff. Read the interview here, and learn more about how just sick and twisted Ben really is.