Recommended Vietnam Movies Pt 3.

The Low Budget

Not quite so famous, and perhaps not quite so accurate, these movies are still valuable to the keeper, both for good the odd gem to steal, and for cliches to avoid...

84 Charlie Mopic [1989]

An independent film made on small budget and filmed in Southern California a region not generally known for its similarities with the steamy jungles of Vietnam. Filmed in a documentary style it follows a Long Range Recon Patrol into "Indian Country". The cameraman is nicknamed "MoPic" by the team, because the military code for his job is 84C20, Motion Picture Specialist. What should be a routine mission however goes wrong and eventually turns into a struggle for survival.

Good Morning, Vietnam [1988]

A largely fictitious comedy portrayal of real life Disc Jockey Adrian Cronauer experiences in Vietnam. Starring a maniacal Robin Williams fighting the system to maintain troop morale. Cronauer admits that had he behaved like Williams does in the film he would have been thrown in the stockade.

On the other hand, it does the the Keeper a chance to give the players a little light relief, before their favourite DJ gets kidnapped by a mythos cult and fed to a shoggoth.

Tour of Duty - Season One (television series)

The story follows the members of Company B, on their one-year tour of duty in Vietnam. Lots of factually or historically questionable details, but reasonably well plotted for a 80's prime time TV show.

Keepers should be able to steal the plot of any particular episode for use as A Day At The Races, a non-mythos adventure that should keep them from seeing byakhee in every triple canopy.

All the characters from the series would make excellent NPC's, particularly Sgt Zeke Anderson. By the third season, their transfer to SOG guarantees that some of the platoon have little green triangles on their records.

Air America

Air America, essentially a buddy movie about the CIA's private airline operating in Laos during the Vietnam War. There is an insurgency shooting at them, government soldiers running drugs, a pilot who is supplying arms to the whole region, and those are the straightforward sub plots.

Despite issues between the CIA and Delta Green, some Air America missions are likely to have supplied DG allies, such as the Tcho-Tcho's, had Mel Gibson been shot down next to a Tcho Tcho village, he might not have had such a welcome.

Of course it would explain much of Martin Riggs later madness in the late 1980's if he was a psychological construct used to explain the years Billy Covington had spent learning to kill with the Tcho Tcho's ;)


R-Point is a Korean horror film following a group of South Korean soldiers sent to a strategically important island somewhere south of Saigon referred to as R-Point. The soldiers are on a search and rescue mission looking for another team of soldiers who have been missing for 6 months and were presumed dead, until a shortwave radio transmission from R-Point is received from the missing soldiers.
Not so much a horror movie as a ghost story, the movie is subtle and spooky with a sense of growing menace which starts the moment the soldiers arrive at the island.
R-Point could be stolen almost entirely as the basis for a scenario as pointed out by Kevin in the comments on our previous Movies post

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  1. The first series of Tour of Duty, on DVD with the original soundtrack restored (according to the cover blurb) has just appeared in Sainsbury’s at £34.99 which is a fiver cheaper than play.com.

  2. If we’re talking low budget, how about “Combat Shock” for showing the madness waiting for the player characters when (if) they get home?

  3. Are there any updates coming soon? I’ve needed this ever since I heard the BBC drama “Delta Sly Honey” years ago – I highly recommend it!

  4. On the subject of low budget, there is the Italian made “The Last Hunter”, it was shot by Antonio Marghereiti in much the same places Coppola used for “Apocalypse Now”.

    It depicts the ‘horrors of war’ with all the subletly you’d expect from an Italian schlock-meister.

    It even features an unholy combination of Col’s Kilgore & Kurtz in one sequence.

  5. Been a while and I know you guys have real life worries to deal with but I’m hoping that Part 4 of this list sees the light of day soon.
    But to get to the point, I was wondering if you consider the psychological horror movie “Jacob’s Ladder” (1990 US movie starring Tim Robbins) to be worthy of inclusion?
    While the movie doesn’t specifically focus on the war, the main character is a Vietnam vet who appears to be suffering from PTSD.

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