A soundtrack for War

Getting the right feel for your game is important, anything that draws the players into your story, and makes them forget they're sat round a table covered in Dorito's has to be good.

A proper soundtrack is a good start, but lets face it, not many battles are fought with Jimi Hendrix blaring over the battlefield, for those grunts who aren't in the thick of it, their soundtrack is radio chatter.


Recommended Vietnam Movies Pt. 2

The Second Wave

The Vicar has been to the movies and provided a couple more reviews and uses for some slightly less famous Vietnam movies, pass the popcorn!

The Green Berets (1968)

John Wayne plays Colonel Mike Kirby fighting the dastardly Viet Cong in (what looks like) the early days of American involvement in Vietnam. David "The Fugitive" Janssen’s reporter is the eyes and ears of the audience in Wayne's roller-coaster support of US intervention. Mistimed in its year of release (the year that the US turned its back on involvement in Vietnam) and critically derided in the years since, *The Green Berets* is probably the closest anyone has got to a 'Delta Green in Vietnam' story line with a non-typical rollicking storyline that’s more Western than War movie.