Recommended Vietnam Movies

Here at the Black Seal's Cyclopean towers, we've been thinking about movie inspiration for your Arclight games, we've come up with a list of some of our favourite Vietnam movies, you'll have heard of some of them, but hopefully not all. Of course, if you're feeling generous, we've added some Amazon affiliate links, any pennies will end up in the Black Seal coffers and fund printing this monster!


Murder on the Rue Catinat.

A handout for a scenario in the upcoming Cthulhu by Arclight.

PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION: The body was found in a room at the Hotel Rose on Rue Catinat at 030022MAY1967. The body was tied to the bed with cords of braided grass. The cords were cinched around the victim's wrists and ankles and tied using a clove hitch knot to the legs of the bed. Medical staff verified the victim had no signs of life including respiration and heartbeat and pronounced the victim deceased at 0330 22MAY1967.