Black Sealers behind forthcoming Cthulhu supplement

Chaosium announces Secrets of Kenya, A 1920s Call of Cthulhu Sourcebook written and illustrated by regular Black Seal contributor, David Conyers.
Secrets of Kenya

Secrets of Kenya

Secrets of Kenya details the cultures, geography, and history of Kenya through the 1930s; provides an African bestiary; details several secret societies; and includes four adventures to jump start investigator explorations of Kenya and the surrounding African wilds. This supplement also features material adapted from David's scenario "The Spiralling" that appeared in the third issue of the The Black Seal, and features a new short story by the author, "As Above, So Below".
In breaking news, renowned Black Seal art supremo David Lee Ingersoll has signed on as cover artist, his first art assignment with Chaosium.
Further updates on this publication can be found on David's website as they develop.
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